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FIFA 16 has evolved and scoring goals is more tricky

Every year us FIFA fans find ourselves having to splash out another £40 or so on a game where very little seems to have changed. You get a roster update, a couple new features which do very little and usually some kind of new Ultimate Team gimmick in order for EA to make more money. Many people though were saying this FIFA was a bit different. So then FIFA 16, worth it or not? It’s review time!
Now the gameplay has evolved and scoring goals is more tricky, especially from a distance. Center backs are more powerful and accurate now, as well as keepers. When you do score, there are celebrations available now, with the proper swipe action. Inventory includes consumables and every once in a while you get card packs with players, but not exactly Gold ones. The first thing I noticed was the new slicker and brighter menus. Even though they were fine on FIFA 15 they now look more modern and the cool blue tones are consistent with the new colours FIFA is using in their marketing materials for the real life game.
We should probably start with ‘everything’, as there’s a lot to get through. What I mean by ‘everything’ is that the heart of the game, the way in which FIFA plays football, has for the first time in a few years made a jump big enough to feel like a distinct break rather than an iterative polish. Last year’s slants and foibles--pace, over-the-top through-balls, maddening defender behaviour--have been taken sternly in hand, to the extent that playing FIFA 16 feels like learning a new game. It’s hard, and the first few games are a mixture of frustration and promise.
One of these is the introduction of No Touch Dribbling which allows players to perform more feints and fakes to get past defenders. It’s an effective way to gain a little extra space and time on the ball. The midfield-dominated low-scoring (bar one incredible 5-3) matches that unfold don’t offer instant gratification or constant excitement, but through being challenging and absorbing they are ultimately satisfying.
Interceptions make a colossal difference when playing FIFA 16. If you’ve had a go on the demo already, you’ll know this to be true. This new mechanic is something that has, by itself, changed the way FIFA is played. A logical progression in this review would be to cover the new ‘Driven Pass’ mechanic after talking about ‘Interceptions’. This is because the Driven Pass is the perfect way, and maybe the only way, to get through your oppositions CM’s.
The CPU is aggressive at offering you transfers and will often test your fortitude. Despite some lowball offers I have seen Real Madrid come in very high for Eden Hazard as well as Valencia for Cesc Fabregas. Unfortunately, there still is no transfer log and really and visibility into other leagues apart from the League Table. When you’re buying a player you have no idea what kind of form they’re in or what their statistics look like. Loaning out players is a little easier this year and players do improve when out on loan if they’re getting playing time. I actually had to recall a defender from loan as I was hit with an injury crisis at centerback.
My initial reaction was that the FIFA 16 allows the better teams to play around with it, show their quality and dominate as they should. From the games that I’ve had so far, the passing is much more consistent with the likes of Bale, Iniesta and Busquets, whereas when I played with Chelsea for example, John Obi Mikel’s distribution was pretty lacklustre to say the least.
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