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All the defensive systems have been refurbished in FIFA 16

In the past, one of the most frustrating aspects of FIFA’s gameplay has been the lack of aggressiveness to a loose ball or in playing passing lanes from CPU-controlled teammates or opponents. That has been addressed this year, but seems to only affect one side, which has created a whole new reason for frustration. The other heavily promoted feature addition this year is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Draft. Unlike the similar in concept Draft Champions in “Madden NFL 16” - which was received extremely well as an Ultimate Team alternative - FUT Draft is an extension of Ultimate Team.
It’s buried within Ultimate Team, uses parts of the teams that have been built there (such as the kits that have been acquired), and the rewards all go toward Ultimate Team. One of the major complaints about FIFA in recent years, and specifically FIFA 15, is related to the defensive system. Defending in last year's edition was a nightmare, and many plays ended with cuts inside the box, wide shots, or actual goals, because it was just too difficult to take the ball. All the defensive systems have been refurbished in FIFA 16, and defending is again a satisfactory and effective task.
Players position themselves better, have greater reach when tackling, anticipate more effectively, and can even simulate a tackle. Defensive actions have improved a lot, not only in terms of controls, but also due to team behaviour. In previous FIFA’s you could very easily pass your way through the middle of the pitch, back to front, in no time at all. Now this is far more difficult. I love this new addition because once again it cuts out the incredibly fast build up play favoured in previous FUT matches. I believe due to this one mechanic we will be seeing a much slower style of build-up play.
My advice, don’t fill your midfield with strikers that you’ve moved from ST to CAM to CM. Instead fill it players with high interception and passing attributes. Another new attacking tool is the drilled pass which provides a slightly risky but useful way of really zipping the ball around the pitch. These amendments to what you can do with the ball are balanced by improvements to what you or your opponent can do without the ball, with better computer-controlled defenders’ intelligence and tweaks to how tackles are made.
This mode has been abused, plain and simple. The concept of the mode is fantastic, hence why it is so popular and addictive, but it has become extremely stale for me and the grind is getting larger and larger every year. Winning tournaments, winning leagues, winning matches, pays out so poorly. Players are too expensive, they expect you to grind out 1000s of matches to get the top players…or spend FIFA points with real money to gamble away your money on getting useless players to you 90% of the time. Winning events can reward you with gold packs, for you only to get nothing.
There is also the new inclusion of the female teams in FIFA 16 but I’ve covered that already in another post. Being based in South Africa makes the online experience different than it would be in many other countries. Our Internet is still not up to first world standards and even the lucky ones with fibre connections aren’t saved from poor online experiences with our country being so far from Europe that we are often still subjected to bad lag online.
Personally, I have found that the game can often be pretty inconsistent in its passing quality, so a personal trainer could prove pretty useful for those that are struggling to keep up with the speed of things. Many things are similar to last year's game in terms of scoreboard etc, however the commentary team's presentation of statistics is quite a useful upgrade.
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